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What is BART Perks?                                                                          

BART Perks Beta is a six-month program to test a new platform that rewards riders for their BART travel based on when they commute.  The program aims to encourage BART travel at less crowded times and places, including before and after rush hour and on evenings and weekends.  Perks is funded primarily through a $500,000 grant from the Federal Transit Administration, and builds on the lessons learned from a previous pilot conducted in 2016.  Perks ends on June 30th, 2019.

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Who can participate?

Perks is being tested at a small scale to determine its effectiveness before BART decides whether to scale up to a larger group.  Enrollment goals for the program have been met and enrollment is currently closed. If you are interested in being notified about future opportunities to participate, please email 

Next steps 

BART Perks will end on June 30th, 2019, after which BART will evaluate the program’s effectiveness and and determine next steps.      

Previous Perks program

To learn more about the Phase I Perks test program, which ran from September 2016 to April 2017, read the Perks Phase I press release or final report.