BART begins parking validation program at Fruitvale Station


BART begins parking validation program at Fruitvale Station

Beginning Monday, January 31, BART will implement a parking validation system at the Fruitvale station. The validation program is in response to BART customer concerns that people who aren't riding BART are using BART parking areas.
The new parking validation system is easy to use:

1. Park your car in a numbered space.
2. Remember your space number.
3. Proceed to the parking validation machine inside the fare gates.
4. Insert your BART ticket into the machine and enter your space number.
5. Take your ticket and receipt and proceed to your train.

Please allow extra time to complete the parking validation process.

Monthly Reserved Parking Permit Holders are not required to validate their parking space. However, they are required to use BART.

BART Police, using the validation list, will issue $25 citations to vehicles parked in non-permit spaces that have not been validated. BART provides parking only to people who use BART on a round-trip basis. Using BART parking facilities for casual carpooling or bus transit is prohibited and will result in parking citations. Use of parking areas is limited to 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Parking Lots Transferred

BART transferred two parking lots south of the Fruitvale station to the Unity Council, developers of Fruitvale Village on Monday January 17. These two lots are the site of the proposed Phase II of Fruitvale Village. Until the BART Board approves Phase II, The Unity Council will charge a daily fee to park in these lots. The initial daily fee will be $1.00.

Money collected from the daily parking fee will be used by the Unity Council to pay off a loan it made to BART. BART used the money to create more parking availability.

BART will continue to offer free parking to riders in other lots at Fruitvale Station.

For more information, please call the BART Government and Community Relations Department at 510.464.6257.