BART responds to London terrorist attacks


BART responds to London terrorist attacks

Increases Security as a Precaution and to Reassure Passengers

BART responded within 15 minutes of this morning's terrorist attacks in London by increasing security measures as a precaution and to reassure passengers that BART is safe and secure.

The security measures include an increased presence of BART Police Officers systemwide. BART also mobilized more than 40 managers and engineers to provide an added level of surveillance. The BART civilian personnel are wearing easily identifiable iridescent vests while they ride trains and patrol stations. BART also closed bathrooms at stations as a precaution.

Early this morning, BART Police Officers double checked security through the Transbay Tube by holding trains for a few extra seconds at the West Oakland Station and inspecting them for suspicious activity and unattended baggage. The West Oakland Station is just one of many locations where police are conducting security sweeps. BART isn't disclosing the other locations for security reasons.

Additionally, the BART Police Department is in contact with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security.

BART has no reason to believe the system is a target in any way. As always, BART encourages passengers to act as the "eyes and the ears" of the transit system by reporting unattended packages or suspicious behavior. BART officials have the following tips for passengers making a report:

  • Be prepared to give a description of the suspicious item or behavior.

  • Describe the exact location as best as you can. For example, each BART train car has an individual number?you can locate that number above the doors at either end of the car. In stations, the platforms have numbers as well?look at the electronic message signs that display train arrival information?the platform number is noted on the sign.

  • If you are able to, and it is safe, stay in the area so you can answer questions from the responding officers.