BART releases final FY06 ten-year plan


BART releases final FY06 ten-year plan

Document is BART's blueprint for the future

BART has released the District's Final Fiscal Year 2006 Short Range Transit Plan and Capital Improvement Program (SRTP/CIP), after hearing public comment on the document at the January 12, 2006 Board meeting in Oakland, California. The Federal Transit Administration and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission require BART to produce the plan, which is a management and financial planning tool that gives an analysis of BART's operating and capital funding needs, priorities and funding strategies through Fiscal Year 2015. The document also provides a long-term perspective for the current year operating and capital programs and lays out the District's approach to capital investment and funding strategies.

Highlights of FY06 SRTP/CIP include:

  • An Overview of the BART Organization, Facilities & Fare Structure
  • Information on Current & Future Rail Ridership, Service & Operating Performance
  • Ten-Year Operating And Capital Financial Forecasts
  • Discussion of expansive "Next Generation" Renovation Program
  • Update on Earthquake Safety Program § Station-by-station updates of planning, development, access, reinvestment and capacity projects

The document is available for download here.

Requests for hard copies can be made on the website, or the document may be picked up at BART's Media & Public Affairs Office. Many public libraries will also have copies available for review.