Transportation propositions on upcoming ballot


Transportation propositions on upcoming ballot

On Tuesday, November 7, Californians have the opportunity to vote on three propositions -- Propositions 1A, 1B and 1C ? that, if passed by voters, will provide additional funding for transportation and transit needs in the Bay Area and throughout the state.

The governor and state legislature recently passed legislation with the goal of reducing congestion and improving air quality in the state. With the passage of these propositions, Bay Area highways and transit could receive as much as $8 billion to accomplish these goals.

Proposition 1A would better assure that sales taxes collected on gasoline go to transportation purposes throughout the state. If passed, approximately $1.5 billion in gas tax revenues would annually go for transportation investments such as highways and mass transit.

Proposition 1B, the Transportation Bond, would provide a total of $19.9 billion for a variety of transportation programs including:

  • $4 billion for public transit rehabilitation, safety or modernization (BART could receive $246 million for capital projects)
  • $1 billion for transit system safety, security & disaster response
  • $2 billion for local streets and road improvements $8.5 billion for improving highways and trade corridors
  • $1 billion for city and county transportation projects

Proposition 1C, the Housing Bond, would provide $2.8 billion for housing and shelter needs for seniors, low-income families and the disabled. This proposition would also provide $300 million for transit-oriented development to encourage and develop greater housing and business development near transit hubs -- like BART stations.

Propositions 1B and 1C raise funds by authorizing the state to issue general obligation bonds and use the proceeds to fund transportation and housing as specified in those measures.