Board Members thank voters for passing Transportation Propositions


Board Members thank voters for passing Transportation Propositions

Prop 1B will provide $19.9 billion for a variety of transportation programs

BART Board members expressed gratitude Wednesday that California voters overwhelmingly passed three transportation-related propositions, Propositions 1A, 1B and 1C.

"All three propositions are important," said BART Board President Carole Ward Allen. "Proposition 1A means gasoline sales tax revenues should go where they are intended: to transportation needs. And Prop 1B is expected to provide $19.9 billion for a variety of transportation programs. The vote shows a willingness to invest in our future."

"The passage of Proposition 1C is essential to the Bay Area as well," said BART Vice President Lynette Sweet. "This proposition is expected to provide $300 million for transit-oriented development, creating communities within walking distance of transit hubs like BART stations."

While all three propositions were significant to the state's transportation infrastructure, Proposition 1B was particularly vital. Proposition 1B could mean BART would receive up to $246 million for capital projects.

It also specifically designates $1 billion statewide for transit system safety, security and disaster response. "BART has been unflagging in its effort to increase security, buy training officers, buying new security cameras, adding detection equipment ? these things take money," said BART Director James Fang. "The money from Prop 1B will help BART tackle the $250 million in security needs it has identified."

Proposition 1B-The Transportation Bond

    • $4 billion for public transit rehabilitation, safety or modernization
    • BART could receive $246 million for capital projects
    • $1 billion for transit system safety, security & disaster response
    • $2 billion for local streets and road improvements
    • $8.5 billion for improving highways and trade corridors
    • $1 billion for city and county transportation projects

Director Fang, who represents District 8 in San Francisco, is one of two board members who were re-elected to new terms Tuesday despite facing opposition.

In Contra Costa County, Director Joel Keller also defeated an opponent to earn another four year term representing District 2. "I'm gratified that the citizens of Contra Costa County have once again entrusted me with this leadership position," said BART Director Keller. "I intend to use that trust to tackle the important issues the region faces as its population expands."

In Alameda County, Board President Carole Ward Allen was re-elected to represent District 4 and Director Thomas M. Blalock was re-elected to represent District 6; neither candidate faced opponents in their re-election bid.

The BART Board of Directors is comprised of nine elected officials from the nine BART districts. Board members serve a four-year term.

Board Members Re-elected to New Terms

    • District 2 - Joel Keller
    • District 4 - Carole Ward Allen
    • District 6 - Thomas M. Blalock
    • District 8 - James Fang