BART Police on guard against pickpocketers


BART Police on guard against pickpocketers

Undercover officers to be out in force during holiday shopping season

BART police officers will be especially vigilant in the coming weeks to prevent would-be pickpocketers from spoiling the holiday spirit of shoppers. Undercover police and uniformed officers will be on the lookout for thieves and other law breakers, paying particular attention to Powell Street Station and other downtown stations, which will be extra busy with bargain hunters.

BART police will also work in close conjunction with the San Francisco Police Department and Bay Area law enforcement agencies to prevent crimes this holiday season.

Crime is down on the BART system. From July through September there were 50 crimes per one million trips compared to the 55 crimes per one million trips from April through June, an 11.4% drop.

Crime Prevention Tips:

  • Don't carry large sums of cash; instead use a single debit or credit card for shopping.
  • Don't carry wallets or other valuables in back pockets.
  • Keep MP3 players and other small electronics in a safe place.
  • Don't shop solo ? it's safer and more fun to shop with friends and family.
  • Be wary of someone trying to create a distraction, such as dropping coins.
  •  Report suspicious activity to BART police toll free at (877) 679-7000.
  • Program the BART police number above into your cell phone ? you can call it quickly from almost anywhere in the BART system.