BART Plus tickets: a new look for the new year


BART Plus tickets: a new look for the new year

Beginning January 1, 2007 the BART Plus ticket will change in color from fluorescent yellow to fluorescent pink. The new look is intended to reduce ticket fraud.

The color change coincides with the addition of Benicia Transit to the program. Passengers who use the BART Plus tickets receive unlimited local rides on Benicia Breeze, County Connection, Dumbarton Express, Sam Trans, Santa Clara VTA, SF Muni, Tri Delta Transit, Union City Transit, West CAT and Wheels.

Refer to "Your BART Plus Ticket" brochure found in the station brochure kiosk for the terms and conditions of use.

The BART Plus ticket works like a regular BART ticket in the fare gates and offers unlimited local bus rides on participating agencies during the valid half-month period. Part A covers the first half of the month and Part B covers the second half.

Starting December 21, 2006 the new color BART Plus ticket Part A will be available in ticket vending machines at all stations.

BART will not refund tickets purchased in error.