Protect yourself and your iPod


Protect yourself and your iPod

BART Police are diligent in their efforts to keep you and your property safe, and security cameras provide additional surveillance on BART trains and in stations, but these measures cannot entirely prevent crime in the BART system.

One of the latest robbery targets is your Apple iPod. Robberies on BART aren't common, averaging about 15 per month systemwide, but iPod thefts amount to 11% of those robberies. iPod theft is not unique to BART; it is a crime of opportunity occurring when an individual is seen wearing the familiar white iPod ear buds.

BART Police recommend the following tactics to keep yourself and your iPod safe:

  • Don't be a target: use ear buds other than the standard iPod white, or other aftermarket headphones.
  • Always be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • If threatened, scream or make noise to draw attention to the situation.
  •  If someone bothers you on a train, notify the train operator with the intercoms located at the end of every BART car.
  • If you are threatened on a BART station platform, use a white courtesy phone located on the platform to call BART Central Control or use a pay phone or your cell phone to call BART Police at 1-877-679-7000 or dial 911.

The safety of you and your property is important to us. Please take these simple steps to avoid iPod theft - they could make the difference in deterring crime.