Bicycle ramp construction at 16th Street Mission Station


Bicycle ramp construction at 16th Street Mission Station

Construction crews will begin work on a bicycle stair ramp at the 16th Street Mission BART Station on Wednesday, March 14. The work is scheduled to conclude Monday, March 26.

BART riders will not have access to the center stairway leading to the southwest plaza during bike ramp construction. The escalator and outside stairway to the southwest plaza will remain open. The work will not block access to the escalator and stairs leading to the northeast plaza; they will remain open during construction.

This prototype bicycle stair ramp project will include new, lighted, handrails on the center stairway as well as bike ramps on each side of the stairs. BART will observe and evaluate how bicyclists use the ramps for the next six months.

There will be some noise and spot welding during construction. The contractor will use an air filter when welding. BART, the Transportation Fund for Clean Air, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority are providing funding for this project.