More tips for making your BART commute easier


More tips for making your BART commute easier

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BART is committed to doing everything possible to help mitigate traffic caused by the tanker truck explosion in the MacArthur Maze. There are a few simple steps you can take to make the commute as easy as possible for yourself and your fellow BART riders:

  • Buy a round trip ticket so you can avoid visiting ticket vending machines on your trip home.

  • Buy a high-value ticket at a Tickets-to-Go vendor. A list of locations near you is available here.

  • Parking is limited, so walk, take the bus, carpool to the BART station or have someone drop you off. Curb side passenger drop-off areas are available at most stations. Learn more about how to get to the BART station.

  • If you're new to BART, visit the Rider Guide for basic BART information.

  • Plan your trip using the online QuickPlanner. Please note: BART will be running additional service not listed in the QuickPlanner.

  • Be sure to allow extra time; stations and parking lots may be crowded.

  • Travel during non-peak times if possible. Ask your employer if you can come in earlier or later than usual.

  • If you have any questions, call BART's Transit Information Center. Local telephone numbers are listed here.