Never buy another BART ticket


Never buy another BART ticket


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Use the online form  to sign up for the EZ Rider Pilot Program. There are a limited number of cards available.

Simple as 1, 2, 3
The BART EZ Rider card is safe, convenient, reliable and easy to use. See an EZ Rider tutorial.

Already an EZ Rider?
If you are already signed up for the EZ Rider pilot program, you can update your account here.

What is EZ Rider?
Instead of inserting your paper ticket, simply "touch" your EZ Rider card on the plastic disk on top of any BART fare gate when entering and exiting the station -- it's that simple!

The EZ Rider card loads $48 of BART value but only costs you $45.00, just like a high-value ticket. Use your EZ Rider card to pay for your BART rides and when your balance falls below $10.00, your EZ Rider card will be automatically reloaded ("autoloaded") from your credit card account.

Unlike a paper ticket, when you register your EZ Rider card, your balance is protected. If your card is lost or stolen, notify us and we will block it from further use and transfer your remaining balance to a replacement card (replacement fee $5.00). The card is durable, moisture-resistant and won't demagnetize. View other frequently asked questions.