BART by the numbers


BART by the numbers

We know you're busy so we'll cut to the chase. Here are a few facts and figures about BART you should know:


1.3 billion
Number of passenger miles traveled on BART every year

$400 million
Amount of money BART riders spend in a year at San Francisco retailers

100 million
Number of people riding BART every year

Metric tons of CO2 BART riders save annually

Average number of BART riders on a weekday

Gallons of gas saved by BART riders every day

Percentage of peak period/peak direction commute traffic BART carries across the Bay

Pounds of pollutants a day saved by each BART rider

1 in 3
Number of Contra Costa County commuters traveling to Oakland and San Francisco who chose BART


Source: BART 2008 Report to Congress (668k .pdf)