BART reminds passengers of emergency procedures


BART reminds passengers of emergency procedures

BART is distributing the following Passenger Bulletin in stations to remind riders of what to do in an emergency.

Dear Passenger:
At BART, your safety is our number one priority. BART personnel are highly trained in safety procedures, but we also want to share some information with you that could protect you during an emergency. This bulletin explains the steps you can take to increase your ability to respond to an unusual occurrence on a BART train. You can also watch our BART tv “A Guide to Passenger Safety” news story at for more information. Remember, you can make a difference.

There are three main points to remember:

1) Report an emergency

2) Stay calm and onboard the train - a train is almost always the safest place to be in an emergency

3) Listen for instructions from BART officials, including the Train Operator

What is an emergency?

1) Fire

2) A Police incident

3) A suspicious object (is it hidden, obviously suspicious and not typical?)

4) A serious accident such as a derailment

5) An earthquake or other natural disaster

Reporting an Emergency

To report any type of emergency, you can use the intercom located at either end of the train car to speak to the Train Operator. Just push the button and release to talk. You can report your location by telling the Train Operator your car number. The number is located on the intercom. If necessary, you can use the doors between cars to move to an unaffected car.

If you are in an area with mobile phone service, you can report the emergency to BART police by dialing 1-877-679-7000. You will be connected directly to the BART police dispatch center. It’s a good idea to program this number into your wireless phone.

Listen for Instructions

After you report an emergency, listen for instructions. BART personnel are thoroughly trained to handle emergencies. Train Operators are in constant communication with the Operations Control Center. They have the tools and knowledge to determine the safest course of action and they will make every effort to keep you safe.

Stay Calm, Stay Onboard the Train

Again, stay calm and stay onboard the train unless the Train Operator or other BART personnel instruct you to evacuate. This is generally the last choice. In most cases, the quickest, safest and most efficient way to move hundreds of people out of danger is by moving the entire train while everyone is onboard.

By staying onboard, you allow the Train Operator to choose from a number of actions to ensure your safety, including moving the train to a safe location, calling for additional emergency personnel, going to the reverse end and moving the train out of danger and separating cars from the rest of the train.