Parking fee changes planned for several stations


Parking fee changes planned for several stations

On Thursday, October 23, 2008, the BART Board approved a revised Fiscal Year 2009 budget that includes raising or implementing daily parking fees at seven stations, cutting spending by three percent in all departments and imposing a hiring freeze.

Changes to the parking fees are expected to generate $800,000 this fiscal year, just a portion of the $8.4 million shortfall created by state budget cuts.

The timing of the changes to the fees is still being worked out but here’s some general information:

  • Daily parking at Millbrae, San Bruno, South San Francisco, Castro Valley and San Leandro stations, which is currently free, will cost $1.00 when the fees are implemented.
  • The daily parking fee will by raised by $1.00 at Daly City and Colma stations, to $3 for Daly City and to $2 for Colma.

Parking at these lots is at or near capacity. The dates for the parking fee changes to go into effect will be posted on as soon as they are set.