Platform signs now displaying next two train arrival times


Platform signs now displaying next two train arrival times

Riders waiting on BART platforms have noticed something new in the past couple of weeks about the electronic signs overhead displaying the number of minutes until the next train arrives. Now the signs are displaying how long until the next TWO trains arrive on a particular line.

So, you might see something that looks like this:


That means there’s a Dublin/Pleasanton train coming in 9 minutes and then another one in 14 minutes. (There isn’t enough room on the signs to spell out 9 minutes, 14 minutes). The change has caused a little puzzlement: Some riders read the format as "914 minutes" and thought they would have a very long wait. And some European riders, accustomed to using a comma as a decimal point, have mused on how BART could be that precise with arrival predictions… 9-point-14 minutes! So, the commas may take a little getting used to.

It’s our hope that the new format will give riders more information to make decisions, in case they want to skip a crowded train and opt for the next train if one is close behind. We realize that crowds are a concern for riders, especially during peak commute hours, and we’re working to maximize the number of cars available and to look at other ideas for managing capacity.

We hope that providing more information on the platform signs is another way to help riders. Feel free to send us your feedback using our comment form.