BART Plus ticket gets new look


BART Plus ticket gets new look

Beginning January 1, 2009, BART Plus tickets will get a new look: We changed the tickets' color from fluorescent green to fluorescent red. As of December 21, 2008, our ticket vending machines in all stations are dispensing Part A of the fluorescent red colored BART Plus ticket for January 2009.

If you use the BART Plus ticket, you get unlimited local bus rides on County Connection, Dumbarton Express, SamTrans, Santa Clara VTA, Rio Vista Delta Breeze, SF Muni, Tri Delta Transit, Union City Transit, WestCAT and WHEELS. For details, pick up a copy of the "Your BART Plus Ticket" brochure, which you can find in the station brochure kiosk for the terms and conditions of using the BART Plus ticket.

The BART Plus ticket works in the BART fare gate like a regular BART ticket and offers unlimited local bus rides on participating bus agencies during the valid half-month period. Part A covers the first half of the month (1st through the 15th) and Part B covers the second half (16th through 30th or 31st). Unfortunately, BART cannot refund tickets you’ve purchased in error.

We know you have a choice when you travel and we sincerely appreciate you choosing BART! For more information on BART Plus and other ticket types go to