BART adds "Developer App Center" to website, lists third-party apps


BART adds "Developer App Center" to website, lists third-party apps

As part of continuing outreach to developers and customers, BART has created a “developer app center” section of its website where third-party applications for various platforms are listed.

BART was one of the first transit agencies in the country to open up its schedule and real-time information to third-party developers, beginning in 2007. Since then a number of applications, both free and paid, have been developed using the BART data.

There are several official, BART-created mobile applications, including PDA and iPod QuickPlanner. However, BART also wanted to highlight the work of third-party developers, who are building applications on other popular platforms — including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Facebook.

BART does not endorse or recommend the applications listed in the app center and does not sell or license third-party apps. It recommends that customers research reviews before downloading any applications.

The app center idea grew out of BART’s recent survey of customers using mobile/wireless devices. Many customers responding to the survey suggested a centralized location where they could learn about third-party applications that are developed using BART data.