Farmers' market opens May 9 at South San Francisco Station


Farmers' market opens May 9 at South San Francisco Station

Dear Customer: 

The South San Francisco Farmers' Market is coming back!  Beginning Saturday, May 9, and until the end of October, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the Pacific Coast Farmer's Market Association (PCFMA) will sell fresh produce in the plaza at the South San Francisco Station. BART is proud to host a fellow “green service” for our customers.  Shopping the farmers' market is the ultimate “Buy Fresh Buy Local” experience. All of the fruits and vegetables are brought to your farmers' market fresh from the fields and orchards of local farms.

Soon, San Mateo County residents can bike to the new Farmers' Market and to the South San Francisco Station!  On May 16th, we will open the South San Francisco portion of the Centennial Bike Path that runs adjacent to our station.

The PCFMA has great Green Shopping Tips for Farmers' Markets customers:
Reduce the use of plastic bags:
Bring your own bag: whether it’s canvas, cloth, or just the plastic bags you saved from last week’s trip, remember to stash your reusable bags in your car or bike basket and bring them with you to the farmers’ market every week. When a farmer offers you a plastic bag, smile and say "no thanks." Be a model for other shoppers at the market by using your own bags.

Come prepared:
If you're planning to eat lunch or dinner at the market, bring your own fork. Paper plates will break down in compost bins, but most cutlery can’t be recycled or composted. If a food producer is using compostable products tell them you appreciate it!  Pack up before you go: you might be rushed leaving the house to go to the farmers’ market on Saturday morning, so pack for the market the night before: get your reusable bags ready, along with your coffee mug, fork, and maybe a resealable plastic container for strawberries (old yogurt containers work great).