BART partners with LG Mobile on e-recycling


BART partners with LG Mobile on e-recycling

To help reduce e-waste and to make e-recycling easier for BART customers, LGE MobileComm U.S.A., (LG) is teaming up with BART to offer three simple ways for BART riders to recycle unused mobile phones.

LG is outfitting six BART stations with recycling receptacles where customers can drop off any unused mobile phones and accessories. This special recycling program at BART will run through July 6, 2009. E-recycling receptacles can be found at the following stations: Civic Center, Powell Street, Montgomery Street, Embarcadero, Oakland City Center/12 Street and Dublin/Pleasanton.

"As the issue of e-waste becomes an increasingly large problem, we are making it simple for you to make a difference," BART Board President Thomas Blalock said. "BART and LG are offering easy ways for BART riders to get involved and dispose of their unused electronics in a free and responsible way: Riders can physically drop off old mobile phones, chargers and accessories at designated BART stations; text LG to receive a prepaid mailer or go online for a downloadable postage-paid label."

As a leader in the mobile phone industry, LG has taken the initiative to educate on the benefits of mobile device recycling. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only 10% of sold mobile phones get recycled and most people do not know where to recycle them. To make the process as effortless as possible, LG is choosing high traffic areas to place receptacles and multiple ways to receive prepaid mailers including all supplies needed to return your mobile device.

To participate in the "Txt to Recycle" component of ecoMobilization, simply text "BART" to 57985, and when you receive a text back, reply with your mailing address for a postage-paid mailer to be sent to your front door. You can also use your own packaging by printing a postage-paid label at