New on! Real-time arrivals now include train lengths


New on! Real-time arrivals now include train lengths

BART has just expanded and improved the data included in real-time arrivals, both on the main website ( and on the mobile site (

Both sites give you the very latest in real-time info about when the next few trains will arrive at your station. But now, that info also includes how many cars will be in those trains. For example, if you wanted to find out the next Richmond trains arriving at 12th St. Station at around 2 p.m. today, you'd see this:

Richmond 6 min (3 car), 13 min (5 car), 18 min (3 car)

So, instead of rushing to jam into that first 3-car train, you might duck into the corner market for a magazine and get the roomier 5-car train in 13 minutes... win-win!

It's another step in our continual quest to provide you with the most thorough, accurate and timely data on your official sources of BART info -- and for your mobile device.

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