TransLink back online at BART


TransLink back online at BART

Updated 1:59 p.m. December 31, 2009

The TransLink electronic payment system is back online at BART following an outage Thursday morning, December 31st. Engineers from BART and TransLink worked together to fix a software problem that caused the glitch.

BART began a limited rollout of TransLink, a regional fare payment system, in August. Participants in the limited rollout are giving BART feedback on their experiences, so any problems can be worked out before a full implementation begins, expected early in 2010.

However, anyone with a TransLink card has been able to use it during the trial period, provided their card was loaded with e-cash (electronic cash), a BART High Value Discount ticket (which can only be added online at the TransLink website) or a Muni Fast Pass (for travel between BART stations within San Francisco only). All users have been advised to bring along other means of payment as backup during the trial period, in case of any problems.

You can sign up for a TransLink card at any time through the TransLink website or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.