Seen & heard on BART this week: Fog town, iPad station, singing rooster


Seen & heard on BART this week: Fog town, iPad station, singing rooster

Pay phone at Fruitvale BART

BART riders are a busy bunch -- taking trains to work, to play, to meet friends and travel around the Bay Area. While they're on BART they're gaming, crocheting, listening to music, reading and people-watching. Here's a fresh batch of things people saw and talked about on BART this week. We'll update this page every week so come back to see what people are doing on BART.  We compile these from, the social networking and microblogging service where users share short messages or "tweets" about what they're doing. You can follow our Twitter feed at We're also looking for rider-contributed photos like the one on this page from Flickr user kismet_70, of a real old-fashioned pay phone at the Fruitvale BART Station.  We're giving away $25 BART tickets periodically for our favorite contributions. Find out more about that promotion and about how to contribute photos.

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Wednesday, Dec. 22:

Top o' the BART Parking Lot Ma' @ Dublin / Pleasanton BART!/alfbrand/statuses/17617739346608130

The BART conductor just announced "Fog town, Daly City."

Tuesday, Dec. 21:

BART's Powell Street station in San Francisco

Monday, Dec. 20:

There's a guy with a singing rooster at Civic Center BART.

Friday, Dec. 17:

I was finding it really adorable that this guy was sewing on bart until I realized he was just untangling his headphones.

Thursday, Dec. 16:

Spotted on BART: Thin Lizzy belt buckle

Wednesday, Dec. 15:

Cool. People are randomly singing Christmas carols on @SFBART train #2527 on the Pittsburg/Bay Point line.

There's a lady on BART with a Piggly Wiggly bag! I wonder where the nearest Piggly Wiggly is

Tuesday, Dec. 14:

Amazing mullet on @SFBART: (cc: @edcasey, @bartdiaries)

Bart riding is sometimes beautiful... SOMETIMES

Photo credit, this page, pay phone at Fruitvale BART, by Flickr user kismet_70