Daly City parking fee to decrease from $3 to $2 starting March 15


Daly City parking fee to decrease from $3 to $2 starting March 15

Dear Customer:

Beginning Monday, March 15, 2010, parking fees at Daly City Station will decrease from $3 to $2. Daily parking fees are determined by the market-based pricing model approved by the BART Board of Directors. The policy requires parking fees to be adjusted up or down based upon usage of the parking facilities at that station. Because fewer drivers are parking at Daly City Station, we are reducing the daily parking fees.

Formula for Parking Fees

The market-based parking pricing model mandates that when average usage of designated daily parking spaces exceeds 50% of available supply, three days a week for four consecutive weeks, the fee will be $2.00. This is currently the situation. A year ago the daily parking space usage exceeded 90% of the available supply, so we implemented the $3 daily parking fee.

Parking Payment Method Remains the Same

The daily fee parking payment method remains the same. You can use the BART EZ Rider parking card, BART blue ticket or cash. If you use the blue ticket or cash, you must first park in a numbered stall, and then enter that stall number in the parking validation machine located inside the faregate area of the station The easiest way to pay for daily parking is to purchase an EZ Rider card. Simply touch the card to the sensor disc on the EZ Rider parking validation machine located in the paid area of the BART station and you will have paid the $2 parking fee. Once you have signed up for an EZ Rider card, you will be sent a plastic hang-tag with a unique serial number. The hang tag must be visibly attached to your rear view mirror. Each time you use your EZ Rider card to pay for parking, money is automatically deducted from your account. Once the balance falls below a certain level, it is replenished from your credit card. To obtain an EZ Rider card, go online to https://ezrider.bart.gov. If you already have an EZ Rider card for transit, you must sign up for the parking EZ Rider parking program by accessing your account and adding the parking program option.