Take a car-free trip to Niles Canyon Rail


Take a car-free trip to Niles Canyon Rail

On the first and third Sundays of each month through October, a classic fully restored 1950s bus will stop at Fremont BART Station to take train buffs to Niles Canyon Railway, the historical rail service that takes passengers along the route that linked America’s first transcontinental railway. A five minute transfer takes you to the historic Niles Canyon Railway, for a one hour and 15 minute ride to Sunol and back through scenic Niles Canyon.

This historic rail service takes passengers along the original route that in 1869 linked America's first transcontinental railway. This connection allows you to experience modern public transport, classic motorcoach and vintage steam passenger trains all in one car-free excursion.

The Pacific Locomotive Association, AC Transit and the City of Fremont teamed up to coordinate the vintage bus service to BART. The buses will run every half hour on specific Sundays through the month of October. There is no fee to ride the classic bus; however, a one dollar donation in each direction will be appreciated. Download a flier with the connecting schedules for this unique old time transit connection.

For more information about Niles Canyon Railway call (925) 862-9063 or visit www.ncry.org. To plan your car-free trip on BART use the BART QuickPlanner.