Richmond Station parking structure update


Richmond Station parking structure update

Dear Customer:

Construction of the new parking structure at Richmond Station has begun. The remainder of the parking lot between 15th and 16th Street on the west side of the station will be closed starting on Monday August 16th. The bus stop, passenger drop-off, taxi stand and accessible parking will remain open. Assisted parking in the parking lot on the east side of the station will provide replacement parking during the construction. Download a map (.pdf) for more details.

To use assisted parking, you may be asked by the parking attendants to park your car in the aisles, or directly behind or in front of other vehicles. The parking attendants will need to keep your car keys so they can move your car during the day if necessary to give other customers access to their vehicle. Assisted parking has been used successfully during several construction projects in the BART system and allows a greater number of vehicles to be stored in a smaller area. A separate bulletin will be available to give you more details about how the assisted parking lot will work.

The Richmond Station parking structure is being constructed by the Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency as part of their transit village project at the Richmond BART Station. When completed in early 2012, the parking structure will provide 769 parking spaces to replace parking spaces on the east side of the BART Station where the second phase of the Richmond transit village will be constructed. We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and ask that you observe local parking regulations in the neighborhoods surrounding the BART Station.