North Berkeley escalator expected to be back by August 27


North Berkeley escalator expected to be back by August 27

We apologize for the long delay in returning the north entrance escalator back to service. North Berkeley is a deep station and we realize just how important working escalators are to you.

We had to put the north entrance escalator out of service to repair broken gears. The new gears have been delivered and we have begun installation. We will be reinstalling the motor and brakes, recalibrating the brakes once they are installed, cleaning set chains, reinstalling the steps and generally insuring that all parts are working together for the best performance.

We expect to have the escalator back in service by August 27.

We recognize the inconvenience this has been, but it has also allowed us to conduct a full service on the inner workings of the escalator, something last done in December of 1999. We hope that this work will result in many more years of trouble-free operation.

In the meantime, we will operate the remaining escalator at this station to travel in the peak commute direction (down in the mornings and up in the afternoons). The station has an elevator that is available for your use as well.