BART Police reunite mother with missing daughter


BART Police reunite mother with missing daughter

Late this evening BART Police were able to put an end to a mother's worst nightmare when they found her missing child.  11 year-old Aquellezra Gabriel was last heard from around 6:00 pm  when she was on the 22 Muni bus headed to City College.

“Her mother told investigators that her daughter's usual route was to take the 22 Muni bus from the International Studies Academy to the 16th Street / Mission BART Station,” Chief Spokesman Linton Johnson said. “She then transfered to BART and rides to Balboa Park Station. Then she transfered from BART to the 43 Muni bus to meet her mother at City College, where her mother is both a student and an employee. Her mother told investigators that she last spoke with Aquellezra pn the phone when she was riding the the 22 Muni bus."

When Aquellezra didn’t turn up at City College, her mother went to Balboa Park Station and reported her daughter missing to a BART station agent. The station agent called BART police around 7:45 pm.  BART made announcements around the system asking riders to look out for the 11 year-old.

"It turns out our officers were able to find the little girl by contacting City College on the hunch that the mother and daughter missed each other as the mother headed to Balboa Park Station while her daughter was trying to find her mom at the college," Johnson said.  "BART Police worked with City College staff to be on the lookout for Aquellezra.  Someone spotted her and BART Police reunited the two around 9:45 pm this evening."

The little girl was unharmed and there was no evidence of foul play. "It appears simply to be a case of the daughter not being able to call her mother because a mobile phone battery went dead," Johnson said.