Expect a wait as record crowds board BART after the parade in San Francisco


Expect a wait as record crowds board BART after the parade in San Francisco

Before noon there were over 72,000 more riders than usual

BART is carrying record numbers of people leaving San Francisco following the World Series parade, and you should expect long lines in stations and on platforms.

BART is extending train length as long as possible and has added an additional 13 unscheduled trains to move people out of the City as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, for the safety of customers and to prevent overcrowding in the station and on the platform, BART may periodically close station entrances in San Francisco to stem the flow of customers into the station for short periods of time. Based on our experience with similar, large events in San Francisco, this is the most efficient way to “meter” customers through stations, prevent overcrowding and ensure safety.

Customers should expect crowds and a longer wait at BART stations in San Francisco.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to move people through the system as quickly and safely as possible.


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Station (exits):11/03*10/27Increase:
Civic Center49,71511,22338,492
System wide211,291138,57772,714
*early numbers not yet "official"   



Updated: November 3: Clarified numbers as unofficial