BART Police share safety tips at Bay Fair Station


BART Police share safety tips at Bay Fair Station

BART Police will be at Bay Fair Station on Monday, November 8 between 5 pm and 8:30 pm meeting with our riders and giving you tips on crime awareness and trends and how to increase safety in and around BART stations and trains.

This will be an opportunity for you to learn simple tips to help keep yourself and your property safe and to speak directly with BART Police officers about any concerns or questions you may have.

BART Police have been working diligently to increase community policing and enhance their connection with our customers and surrounding communities. This is an opportunity to educate customers about the kinds of services offered by BART Police.

We will also take this opportunity to remind you of the safety escort service that is available to any passenger who does not wish to walk to their car unaccompanied.

Materials available will include information on personal safety, protecting property, how to safely use escalators and how to protect personal electronic devices from theft and safety giveaways.