BART Police Officer hospitalized after stolen car crashes into patrol vehicle


BART Police Officer hospitalized after stolen car crashes into patrol vehicle

A BART Police Officer is in the hospital this morning after a suspect fleeing from Alameda County Sheriff deputies in a stolen car, ran a red light in Hayward just before midnight Sunday evening and crashed into the BART officer’s patrol vehicle.

The BART Police Officer, who was not involved in chasing the suspect, had the green light when the suspect collided into his patrol car. Paramedics took the BART officer to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The BART Police Officer is 38 years old and has been with the department since October 2001. BART Police are not releasing his name.

The Alameda County Sherriff’s department is investigating the case and the Hayward Police Department is handling the traffic collision. Media should direct all inquiries related to the case to those two agencies.

How the Chase Began
Not long before the crash with the BART officer, Alameda County Sheriff deputies had stopped the suspect for driving a stolen vehicle. During the felony car stop, the suspect attempted to ram the stolen car into a deputy and then fled.

Alameda County Sheriff deputies pursued the suspect. When the suspect entered the intersection at Grand and B streets in Hayward, he ran the red light and collided with the BART Police Officer’s vehicle. The Alameda County Sherriff deputies arrested the suspect and paramedics took him to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police found a firearm inside the stolen car.

Coincidentally, the suspect was in a car that was reported stolen from the Castro Valley BART Station on Friday.