Seen & heard on BART this week: crocheting, great views, Campanile


Seen & heard on BART this week: crocheting, great views, Campanile

Pay phone at Fruitvale BART

BART riders are a busy bunch -- taking trains to work, to play, to meet friends and travel around the Bay Area. While they're on BART they're gaming, crocheting, listening to music, reading and people-watching. Here's a fresh batch of things people saw and talked about on BART this week. We'll update this page every week so come back to see what people are doing on BART.  We compile these from, the social networking and microblogging service where users share short messages or "tweets" about what they're doing. You can follow our Twitter feed at We're also looking for rider-contributed photos like the one on this page from Flickr user kismet_70, of a real old-fashioned pay phone at the Fruitvale BART Station. Find out more about how to contribute photos.

Friday, Jan. 6:

Yea, I'm that woman crocheting on Bart. What?! #judgeme @ BART Tunnel!/JoannaHassPR/status/155437718778814465

Thursday, Jan. 5:

A little bit of Bay Area gorgeous for you! Taken at Rockridge @SFBART station...!/jotulloch/status/154734709727969280/photo/1

Wednesday, Jan. 4:

BART and Campanile!/transbay/status/154614466787557378

On the Bart platform!/catsincharge/status/154609125815365633

Monday, Jan. 2:

From the BART train, my favorite view!/AndreaScher/status/152179014436524034

Friday, Dec. 23:

Easy parking at the BART? Next to no one in the office? All the coffee to myself? Happy Friday-before-Christmas!!/pomorales/status/150270475308765184

Thursday, Dec. 22:

Now for some positive news: Man on BART is brushing his baby's hair...too cute! They look like they're having daddy daughter time..!/taryn_denise/status/149943502069964800

Wednesday, Dec. 21:

Rockin' Santa dude is still at union city BART station. Does this guy sleep? He's playing a flying v guitar and riffing some Metallica jams.!/adamweird/status/149527699768094720

Tuesday, Dec. 20:

Middle-aged dude in camo-shirt, wearing those shoes with toes, watching ballet on an Alienware laptop. #BART #SF!/mradambeck/status/149165899985858561

Monday, Dec. 19:

Attention lady on @SFBART: This is not the right place to clip your fingernails. Thank you and have a good day. #PSA

Friday, Dec. 16:

When Banjo Dude is banjoing it up in the downtown BART station, it can't help but be an amazing day.!/jwhowk/status/147356811656302593