Frequently Asked Questions: Officer Involved Shooting


Frequently Asked Questions: Officer Involved Shooting

When will the suspect’s name be released?
The San Francisco Coroner’s office has not positively identified the suspect yet. As soon as the Coroner has notified the family, the information will be released to BART and we will inform the public.

How will the public be informed of the suspect’s identity?
BART will issue a news release to the media and will send out text messages and email alerts to those who are registered to receive news alert at

How many witnesses have investigators identified?
As of today, we have identified between 35 and 40 witnesses and have approximately a dozen or so left to interview. BART asks witnesses to contact (510) 464-7040.

When will BART release the platform video of the incident?
BART is committed to full transparency. We intend to immediately release the video to the public after the results of the investigations into the shooting are turned over to the San Francisco District Attorney, unless the DA objects. We cannot release the video any earlier because police investigators have not interviewed all of the witnesses. Doing so any earlier might influence witnesses testimony and compromise the integrity of BART and SFPD's investigations. Doing so earlier might influence witness testimony.

What are the next steps?
That depends on the findings of SFPD and BART’s investigation. SFPD is taking the lead on this investigation, while BART conducts its own parallel investigation. Upon completion, the agencies will turn results over to the District Attorney in San Francisco. From there, the DA will determine the next steps. Separately, BART is also conducting its own administrative investigation to review whether BART officers followed internal policies and procedures.

What’s going on with the two BART officers right now?
Both officers have given statements and are on administrative leave after speaking with BART, the SFPD and District Attorney.

How many times has this happened?
This is the sixth officer involved shooting in BART's 40-year history, that has resulted in injury or death.


Updated: July 6, 2011 10:57 pm