TSA's Operation RAILSAFE pairs BART PD, local law enforcement to protect system


TSA's Operation RAILSAFE pairs BART PD, local law enforcement to protect system

Although there is no specific threat, BART customers are likely to see law enforcement officers from other agencies patrolling BART parking lots and stations as the nation’s transit agencies continue their vigilance in recognition of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. The surge in law enforcement officers’ presence is likely to occur between Thursday, Sept. 8, and Monday Sept, 12, 2011.

BART Police Chief Kenton W. Rainey, at the request of Transit Security Administration, has asked law enforcement agencies surrounding BART property to join the BART Police in Operation RAILSAFE. Types of assistance BART customers may notice are extra vehicle patrols through bus zones and parking structures and uniformed officers from other agencies patrolling BART stations and platforms.

The first Operation RAILSAFE was held on May 27, 2010.  Twenty-two agencies, in eight states, from Boston to Washington D.C., participated in the deployment.  More recent RAILSAFE operations have included participants from over 140 agencies in 32 states, Washington, D.C., and several cities in Canada and involved over 1,300 law enforcement officers.

The primary objective of Operation RAILSAFE is to coordinate deployments of personnel, not just among agencies that police the rail systems, but with those agencies that could be called upon to help secure the rail system during an emergency or heightened alert.  RAILSAFE also provides a venue to share intelligence and best practices related to security of the rail system.  There are no legal contracts, or Memoranda of Understanding required.   Other benefits include improved relationships among partners, improved coordination of resources and help in providing a random visible presence.  Formalizing a way to channel and quickly mobilize this resource is critical to improving overall security of rail transportation.
On behalf of BART, Chief Rainey would like to thank all the agencies in advance for their participation in helping keep BART safe.