Phase 1 parking lot changes at MacArthur BART Station


Phase 1 parking lot changes at MacArthur BART Station

This is an update to our June 2011 Passenger Bulletin. Beginning October 17th, portions of the southern parking lot at the MacArthur BART Station will be closed for parking. The Apgar parking lot access will close on October 18th.. On October 27th, a broader portion of the southern parking lot will be closed for up to three months to prepare for the construction of the MacArthur Transit Village project. The BART parking lot access from West MacArthur Boulevard will also close on this date. The only access to the parking lot will be from the two driveways on 40th Street.

To allow for the loss of parking spaces during this and the next phases of construction within the parking area, BART and project developer, MacArthur Transit Community Partners, have made a series of temporary parking changes. The first change was made on July 1, 2011, and involved the temporary relocation of the reserved parking stalls to another BART Station. The second change includes the addition of an assisted parking operation which will begin on October 27th.

Assisted Parking Operation

  •  During the site preparation phase, the southwest portion of the parking lot will be set up with parking assistance for BART customers. Some cars will be double-parked.
  •  Parking assistance will run from 7:00 am to 10:00 p.m. (or earlier if all assisted parkers have claimed their cars) Monday through Friday.
  •  BART customers should first park in the designated self-parking stalls.
  •  Once the self-parking stalls are full, the parking assistance attendant will guide BART customers to double-park in designated areas.
  •  Double-parked customers must leave their car key in exchange for a claim check, which will be given to them by the parking assistance attendant.
  •  Instead of using the stall number, double-parked customers will use the number on the claim check to pay for their parking space by entering it at the Add Fare/Parking Validation Machine inside the paid area of the station.
  •  The parking assistance attendant may move the double-parked vehicles into a self-parking stall, once stalls open up and become available.
  •  Double-parked customers must turn in their claim ticket in order to receive their car keys.
  •  The assisted parking operation will be staffed to 10:00 pm (Monday through Friday).
  •  Between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am, customers will need to call an off-hours number (printed on the claim ticket) and the parking operator will send an attendant to provide the car key to the BART customer. There is a $35 fee for this service.
  •  There will be no way for double-parked customers to reclaim car keys between the hours of 2:00 am and 7:00 a.m. (Monday through Friday) or during weekends.

Toward the end of the preparation for construction phase, contractors will also build a new pedestrian ramp in the northwest corner of the parking lot. This ramp will provide an accessible connection from the parking lot to 40th Street and will also serve as the primary access path between the parking lot and the MacArthur BART Station during later phases of construction.

As the project progresses, BART will issue additional bulletins regarding construction improvements to update BART customers of upcoming changes. Current and prior bulletins, as well as additional information regarding the project can be viewed at or by contacting MacArthur Transit Community Partners at (510) 619-9855.

If you need language assistance services, please call BART’s Transit Information Center at (510) 465-2278.

To view a map outlining the changes you can download the full Passenger Bulletin (.pdf).