Tips to avoid thefts of mobile phones or other electronic devices on BART


Tips to avoid thefts of mobile phones or other electronic devices on BART

Coast to coast, thefts of mobile phones and other electronic devices are on the rise. Unfortunately, BART is not immune to this criminal activity. We want your ride on our system to be a pleasant, crime-free experience, so the BART Police Department is sharing the following tips to keep you safe and your phones and other devices secure.

• Always be aware of your surroundings.
• Avoid the attention of thieves. Make phone calls discreetly and don’t play devices too loudly.
• “Grab and run” is a popular robbery technique. Avoid using your phone or electronic device near train doors, during station stops or when exiting the station.
• Never lend your phone to strangers.

• Register your device if possible.
• Keep a detailed description of your phone including serial number, color and model.
• Password protect your phone.
• Consider installing anti-theft or tracking software.
• Warn your travel companions, your family members or coworkers to protect their devices too.

Together, we can work to make BART safer. Your help as extra eyes and ears can reduce crime on BART. Report any suspicious behavior or activities by telling a Station Agent, calling BART Police or using the intercom that is in every train car to contact the Train Operator. For emergencies, call 911, and for non-emergencies program BART PD’s dispatch line into your phone: 510-464-7000. Remember, if you “SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.”

If you need language assistance services, please call BART’s Transit Information Center at (510) 465-2278.