Recruitment attracts more than 700 applications for BART Police Officer Trainee


Recruitment attracts more than 700 applications for BART Police Officer Trainee

BART attracts more than 700 applications for its most recent Police Officer recruitment, confirming that enforcing transit safety and security is a popular career. “As BART’s Police Chief, I am extremely pleased with the number of applications BART received for this single posting,” Chief Kenton Rainey said. “700 applications received for 30 police officer positions clearly demonstrates that there are a significant number of people that meet our high qualifications for application, and are interested in becoming BART police officers.” The BART PD differs from other police departments as its minimum requirements for application are slightly higher than many law enforcement agencies.

Those whose applications were accepted by BART will move on to the next step of the recruiting process. For the first time, on March 31, 2012, BART PD held an informational orientation and a practice physical agility test in order to assist candidates with successful completion of the testing process. Applicants were able to see a live agility demonstration and were allowed to practice the exercises before the upcoming examinations where candidates will be tested on their written and physical agility skills at a testing site in Dublin. Testing is scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2012, at 8:00 am.

“Our vision is to become the leader in innovative policing, establishing BART as the safest transit system in the nation; therefore, we are seeking the ‘best and the brightest’ candidates to help us realize this vision,” Professional Standards and Training Deputy Chief Janeith Glenn-Davis said.

Although the application period for this testing process is already closed, BART tests for entry level Police Officer Trainees two to three times per year and more regularly for lateral candidates. To find out the minimum qualifications for the position and to apply for a future test date, visit the employment section at