BART honors disability rights activist Hale J. Zukas


BART honors disability rights activist Hale J. Zukas

plaque ceremony

Ceremony honoring Hale J. Zukas

Today BART Board Members John McPartland and Lynette Sweet joined Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates and other officials at Ashby Station/Ed Roberts Campus to honor local disability rights activist Hale J. Zukas.  Zukas, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, was recognized for his 40 years of leadership and activism in the Disability Rights Movement.  He helped to establish the BART Accessibility Task Force and is one of the principal liaisons between BART and the disabled community. Besides his partnership with BART, Zukas co-founded Berkeley’s Center for Independent Living in 1971, joined the World Institute on Disability in 1983 and consults for several agencies and organizations, greatly influencing national accessibility standards.

“Mr. Zukas’ advocacy with BART helped to create a public transit system that gives mobility to persons with all types of disabilities,” BART Board President John McPartland said. “For four decades he has worked tirelessly at the local, regional and national level to make public transportation and stationary structures more accessible.”

 “We honored Mr. Zukas today in recognition for his remarkable, life-long commitment to independent living,” BART Board Member Lynette Sweet said.  Sweet represents BART District 7, which includes Ashby Station. “Today we showcased his plaque, which we placed in the passageway between the Ashby BART Station and Ed Roberts Campus. This connection between BART and Ed Roberts Campus symbolizes accessibility and exemplifies Mr. Zukas’ dedication to remove architectural and transportation barriers.”