More parking changes at Dublin /Pleasanton Station


More parking changes at Dublin /Pleasanton Station

Effective Saturday, April 21, AvalonBay has closed the remainder of the parking spaces located in the privately operated surface parking lot located on the Dublin side of the Dublin /Pleasanton Station.

The area is needed by AvalonBay to construct a residential development on the parking lot site. Several years ago the 1500 space Dublin/Pleasanton Station parking garage was built to replace the entire surface parking (plus an additional 500 spaces) located on the Dublin side of the station to prepare for this development. Because of the economy, the start of that project was delayed and the lot was made available to BART riders on a temporary basis.

To make up for some of the lost of parking resulting from the AvalonBay parking lot closure, BART has changed some Permit and Carpool spaces located in the Station's parking garage and adjacent surface lot to Daily Fee use. The new Fee parking is located in the outside lot south of the parking structure and on the second and third floor areas of the parking garage. Please pay attention to the parking signs.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.



Updated: April 25, 2012