BART expands weekday service on Richmond-Millbrae Line starting Sept. 10


BART expands weekday service on Richmond-Millbrae Line starting Sept. 10

BART will expand weekday service on the Richmond-Millbrae Line (red line) effective Monday, Sept. 10, 2012. In an effort to improve service at the end of the evening commute, BART is adding four additional trips to Richmond-Millbrae service in each direction. This line will now operate for one additional hour in each direction providing more service to both Richmond and Millbrae. 

This service increase also helps passengers on other lines by increasing the number of trains serving San Francisco.  The evening transition from five-route to three-route evening service will be more gradual as well.  Today both the Richmond-Millbrae and Fremont-Daly City routes stop operating at around 7 pm.  With this change the Fremont -Daily City line will still stop at 7pm while the more heavily used Richmond-Millbrae line will continue until 8pm. BART chose this service increase based on a thorough analysis of how to increase capacity in an economical way. 

Until BART receives new vehicles in the coming years, the ability to add service requiring additional cars remains limited.  BART operates one of the oldest fleets of train cars in the nation.  We carried a record number of customers in our last fiscal year, exceeding 110 million for the first time in our 40-year history.  We understand that our customers are experiencing more crowded trains as the regional economy improves. To maintain reliable service with our existing fleet of vehicles, a number of BART cars are always undergoing scheduled maintenance.  On a typical day we operate more than 85% of our total fleet, which is among the highest of any major U.S. transit agency.

You can plan a trip with the new schedule using the QuickPlanner on the BART website homepage; be sure to choose a trip date starting Sept. 10 or later to reflect the new schedule.

For more info on BART’s plans to replace its aging train cars with the Fleet of the Future, go to