Latest Quarterly Performance Report: Train cleanliness rating at all-time high


Latest Quarterly Performance Report: Train cleanliness rating at all-time high

BART is not only carrying record numbers of riders, it’s cleaning up its act. The latest Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) presented to the Board today included the highest rating ever for cleanliness inside trains. In fact, the QPR for the first quarter of the 2013 fiscal year (July – September 2012) showed improvements in all the customer-rated attributes.

The first-quarter QPR notes that the "train interior cleanliness" goal – which is measured from random on-board surveys of riders -- was met for the first time ever, and train reliability indicators remained strong despite the strain on the system of record ridership.

BART has been scoring train interior cleanliness for about the past 15 years. BART scored 2.72 on a scale where riders give a "1" for "poor;" a "2" for "only fair;" a "3" for "good";  and a "4" for excellent. This QPR is the first time ever BART has met or exceeded the train interior cleanliness goal of 2.70. One factor in the high score may be the new easier-to-clean vinyl seats installed in 206 train cars. Because the new seats are such a hit with customers, BART will install the new seats in another 243 cars by July.

"Customers tell us that they place great value on our tremendous reliability, but having cleaner trains is certainly welcome and reflects our greater priority on cleanliness," said BART Board of Directors President John McPartland. "Our interior car modifications, including the easier-to-clean seats and floors, should make things more pleasant for BART riders while we wait for the first cars of our new Fleet of the Future train cars to arrive in 2018."

Other highlights from today’s QPR report:

1)  Total ridership increased by 6 percent compared with the same quarter a year ago, with average weekday ridership (387,054) up 6.5 percent, and Saturday and Sundays up by 8.5 percent and 8.2 percent, respectively.

2)  Customer on-time service was 95.47 percent for the quarter, with the four biggest delays of the quarter all involving customer medical issues.

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