BART increases service for Giants parade; crowds expected so buy tickets early


BART increases service for Giants parade; crowds expected so buy tickets early

BART is gearing up to carry hundreds of thousands of baseball fans to downtown San Francisco on Wednesday, October 31 to celebrate the Giants World Series sweeping win.  BART will run its rush hour service all day- utilizing every available train possible.  Trains to and from the city will be at maximum length and frequency.

Large crowds are expected and passengers should anticipate long lines and crowded trains.  BART will have additional staff on hand to help customers who need assistance and offer crowd control.  BART officials are urging fans to buy their roundtrip tickets or load up their Clipper cards before Wednesday’s ticker tape parade in San Francisco. 

In coordination with San Francisco’s “Home for Halloween,” BART will end service at the regular time.  Passengers are urged to plan ahead and know the time of their last train home.

Travel Tips

BART wants everyone to have fun and get to the parade safely.  New riders need to know that everyone who rides BART needs a BART ticket or Clipper card to enter the system. 

Here are other Giants parade day tips:

    • Load up your Clipper card with extra value or, if buying a BART ticket, purchase a round trip ticket before parade day.
    •  Avoid peak commute hours (6AM-9AM and 4PM-6PM). 
    • Allow extra time to get to San Francisco before the parade begins at 11AM.
    • Parking rules and restrictions will be enforced. Consider getting to the station without the need to park, as parking lots will fill up very early. 
    • Plan your trip using the BART QuickPlanner