Seen and Heard on BART this week: golden spiral tattoo, fun facts, shop talk


Seen and Heard on BART this week: golden spiral tattoo, fun facts, shop talk

Pay phone at Fruitvale BART

BART riders are a busy bunch -- taking trains to work, to play, to meet friends and travel around the Bay Area. While they're on BART they're gaming, crocheting, listening to music, reading and people-watching. Here's a fresh batch of things people saw and talked about on BART this week. We'll update this page every week so come back to see what people are doing on BART.  We compile these from, the social networking and microblogging service where users share short messages or tweets about what they're doing. You can follow our Twitter feed at We're also looking for rider-contributed photos like the one on this page from Flickr user kismet_70, of a real old-fashioned pay phone at the Fruitvale BART Station. Find out more about how to contribute photos.

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Thursday, June 13:

The girl riding BART who had a Golden Spiral tattoo on her forearm is my new nerd hero.

Wednesday, June 12:

I feel like a zoo animal sitting inside the bart while people are staring from the outside waiting for the doors to open lol

Tuesday, June 11:

This train conductor tells you a fun fact about every stop on the BaRT. #Daymade

Monday, June 10:

First BART ride after vacation: an EFF lawyer and a Google lawyer talking shop next to two start up types discussing the NSA.

Friday, June 7:

Sitting next to Daniel Craig on BART this morning! Oh, no, a different one. But same name! #nametags #strangers #007

Thursday, June 6:

I can't tell if my fellow bart passengers are jealous of my cat sweater or just confused by its juxtaposition w/ my surly hangover face

Wednesday, June 5:

Excuse me sir, you're forgetting your tan. #Bart #ForeverTan #SanFrancisco @ Glen Park BART Station

Tuessday, June 4:

I may be one of the few people who enjoys loud BART talkers. I miss the relationship drama just enough to enjoy listening to other people's.

Monday, June 3:

Jazz trio at Ashby BART is best commuter music ever #DontBreakUpTheBand

Thursday, May 30:

My BART train this morning sounded like a singing Tesla coil. Sang me to sleep like a baby.

Wednesday, May 29:

This morning I saw a girl on the BART with a tattoo of jigglypuff singing in front of a rainbow. :D

Tuesday, May 28:

Never have I seen anyone read newspaper funnies with as much scrutinizing seriousness as the lady in front of me on #BART.

Friday, May 24:

Ah SF, where people read JavaScript books on BART

Thursday, May 23:

Listening to Les Mis soundtrack while on the BART

Wednesday, May 22:

BART station busker duo playing Blues Traveler without harmonica accompaniment? That's just not right.

Tuesday, May 21:

Ladies & gentlemen...this jacket @ MacArthur BART Station

Monday, May 20:

on the train with the nice BART driver who says things like "make it a great day". I know it's monday but you know what? let's do just that

Thursday, May 16:

flute players are a rare breed..people watching on #BART

Wednesday, May 15:

Crying baby AND guy talking loudly on speakerphone. BART bingo.