Daily parking fee of $1 starts April 29 in and around South Hayward Station


Daily parking fee of $1 starts April 29 in and around South Hayward Station

A $1 daily fee will begin Monday, April 29, for parking at the South Hayward BART Station and in designated on-street parking areas around the station between the hours of 4 AM and 3 PM, Monday through Friday. BART and the City of Hayward have developed a new parking district in and around the South Hayward BART Station. As part of the parking area update, the BART satellite parking lot on Dixon Street will be closed and developed and in-station and on-street parking fees will begin.

Pay inside the station
BART customers will be required to submit payment for the daily parking fee inside the BART station, starting April 29. Park in a numbered parking space and enter the space number in the parking validation machine located in the paid area of the station. Use cash, your Clipper Card, or the BART blue ticket for payment.  Keep your receipt as proof of payment. Please allow extra time to submit your payment, as this process can take time if several people need to pay at once or you forget your parking space number. Vehicles parked in designated BART parking areas during specified hours will be required to pay the fee or receive a parking violation citation.

Residential permit areas
Please be aware that certain city streets near South Hayward BART Station will now be designated for residential parking only. Vehicles parked in these designated parking areas will be required to display a special permit or receive a parking violation citation.

Get your Clipper Card
A Clipper card is the easiest and quickest way to pay for parking. You can get a Clipper card at Walgreen's stores, the BART ticket office, or you can order one online at http://www.clippercard.com. Once you have the Clipper Card, you will need to sign up separately for a parking account at https://ezrider.bart.gov (just follow the instructions on the page). You'll need a credit card to sign up. Once you've linked your Clipper card to EZ Rider parking, you can quickly pay each day by tagging the card on the disc on the EZ Rider parking machine inside the paid area of the station.

For more information on the South Hayward BART Parking District visit http://bit.ly/shbartpark

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