BART PD fare evader enforcement helps keep neighborhoods safe


BART PD fare evader enforcement helps keep neighborhoods safe

BART Police Department’s fare evading and crime prevention efforts results in an added benefit to surrounding communities. BART Police’s 2012 crime analysis data shows 1,068 individuals either entering the BART system without a ticket or breaking BART laws in other ways ended up in jail because they either violated parole or had outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions. In 2012 those outstanding warrants totaled over $8.2 million dollars. These arrests have helped make neighborhoods safe by getting wanted criminals into custody and off the streets.

“Experience has taught us that there is often a connection between fare evading or breaking seemingly minor laws to committing more serious crimes,” BART PD Chief Kenton Rainey said. “We’ve stepped up our fare evading enforcement and we are actively seeking people that are causing problems on the system.”

To be more visible, BART Police Officers are required to ride a train at least four times per shift. We also remind our passengers to be our eyes and ears and immediately report suspicious activities on our trains, in our stations and parking lots. BART encourages all riders to program BART Police’s number (510-464-7000) into their phones.

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