BART Board schedules evening meetings to discuss FY14 budget


BART Board schedules evening meetings to discuss FY14 budget

The BART Board of Directors has set the calendar for a set of evening Board meetings to accommodate public interest in the District's 2014 Fiscal Year Budget. 

“We hope that the evening meetings will provide greater access as we discuss how taxpayer dollars are to be used,” BART Director Rebecca Saltzman said. “We encourage our riders to attend the meetings and to share their opinions on how their money should be spent.”

The public and the BART Board of Directors got their first overview of the District’s preliminary FY 14 budget on April 11, which emphasized customer needs and system sustainability. The draft budget prioritizes investments in increased passenger services, like station cleanliness and new rail cars.

“This overview was just the first step in the budget process and I look forward to robust discussion with public input to ensure our priorities are in line with what the public would like to see from BART,” Board President Tom Radulovich noted. 

Budget process and evening meeting schedule:

May 9, 9 am:
     1) Budget Overview of Sources, Uses, and Service Plan

May 23, 6 pm: 
     1) Public Hearing on FY14 Budget
     2) Resolution to Adopt FY14 Proposition 4 Appropriations Limit
          FY14 Notice of Proposition 4 Documentation for Review & Time of Meeting   
          Calculations & Documentation Used to Compute FY14 Proposition 4 Appropriations Limit

June 13, 6pm:
     1) Resolution to adopt FY14 Budget
          FY14 Budget Pamphlet
          FY 14 Resource Manual



Updated: May 7, 2013, 11:51 am (added Proposition 4 Notice of Documentation for Review and Time of Meeting)