Station security, access and other information during a BART strike


Station security, access and other information during a BART strike

During the BART strike here are some details you ought to know about station security, access, parking and more:

District personnel will close all stations, shops, yards and all BART buildings to secure assets. All required inspections will continue to take place.

BART’s Operation Control Center will remain staffed 24 hours a day to ensure safety at all BART facilities -- this will be done in coordination with BART Police. BART’s sworn officers will remain on duty -- they cannot strike.

If you see a BART train running, it is an inspection train, operated by a qualified manager, to secure and reinforce each station.  This is also how BART will deliver its employees to various work assignments during the strike.  We also have to run trains to exercise the system to keep rust off the rails and keep the tracks in working order. 

Parking Lots
BART has parking lots at 33 stations. They will be open and free of charge. People can use them for casual carpool.  Please note, elevators at our parking lots will not be operational for safety purposes (should someone get stuck in an elevator BART will not have proper staffing to respond).

Accessible parking is on the ground level for those who cannot use stairs. If you have a parking permit, BART will refund the cost of the permit for the days we have no service.

Joint Use Stations
Passengers will be able to access their travel mode at our joint use stations. This means:

  • Passengers will be able to access Muni at our 4 downtown San Francisco Stations.
  • Passengers will be able to access Caltrain at Millbrae.
  • Passengers will be able to access Amtrak at Richmond.

Very Limited Charter Bus Service
We’ve secured 58 buses which have the capabilities to only serve between 2,000 to 4,000 passengers in each direction, depending upon traffic. For details visit the alternatives page.

Other Commute Alternatives
511 has set up a special webpage dedicated to strike contingency planning at It has alternative transit and ridesharing options, real-time traffic and transit information, and other trip-planning tools.

Paratransit riders will be impacted and those customers are urged to contact their operator for service updates. 

Transit Information Call Center
BART's Transit Information Call Center will be staffed with a limited number of managers as it is usually staffed with union employees.  These managers will be taking calls for the duration of the disruption.  We encourage customers to call 511 for alternative routes, but BART staff will be available to provide assistance.