BART unions give 72-hour strike notice


BART unions give 72-hour strike notice

BART spokesman Rick Rice issued the following statement on labor negotiations:

“Union leadership has given the District a 72-hour strike notice. We are very disappointed and hope they reconsider their options.  A strike only stalls and delays the decisions that need to be made while using our riders as pawns. 

“BART is willing to stay at the table for as long as it takes to reach an agreement.  Even if there isn’t a deal in place by Sunday night, talks can be extended.  

“A strike is unnecessary and places an unfair burden on our riders and everyone in the Bay Area. The District has responded to union leadership concerns with numerous concessions, while they have shown an unwillingness to bargain. They continue to insist on a 20+% pay increase with no changes to health care and a small pension contribution. The future of the system depends on a more reasonable contract.

“Our offer provides a raise for every worker in each year of the contract.

“There is no reason for union leadership to call a strike.”

BART riders are encouraged to plan ahead should unions strike starting Monday.  Charter bus service details and commute alternatives can be found here