Orinda Station construction update


Orinda Station construction update

As part of our systemwide Earthquake Safety Program, BART is in the process of strengthening Orinda Station to withstand future earthquakes. The contractor is moving into a new phase of work which will include the following changes: 

Temporary Closure of Public Restrooms: 
Starting Monday, December 2, 2013 the public restroom will be temporary relocated to the parking lot directly across from the BART Station (see map on passenger bulletin).  

Temporary Lane Closure on Camino Pablo:
To make space for the work, the right southbound lane on Camino Pablo will be temporary closed starting December 2, 2013 through approximately August 2014. A map of the affected area is on the reverse of this notification. Please watch for signs with safety information and other notices. 

Intermittent Night Work: 
For safety reasons some of the strengthening work will need to take place at night when the station is not open. Night work will occur between 9 pm and 5 am starting in early December and will continue intermittently through mid-2014 approximately. During this time, every effort will be made to limit noise and light disturbances to the surrounding neighborhood. The contractor will take noise monitor readings nightly, and if levels exceed acceptable noise limits, additional measures will be taken to mitigate the noise impacts on the surrounding community. Additionally, the contractor has carefully planned the work to direct lights downward and shield equipment.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation and will work to minimize inconveniences during this construction

To contact the Earthquake Safety Program or obtain additional information, please visit our website at www.bart.gov/earthquakesafety; or call our Program Information Line at (925) 603-5342.  

Si necesita información en español, por favor llame al (925) 603-5342.

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