Consider BART to SFO for your travels


Consider BART to SFO for your travels


No matter where you're from, for more than 10 years and 31 million passengers, BART SFO is still the easiest way to go.

The BART SFO station has now been around a decade.  That's another milestone for the transit system that spans the Bay area and connects commuters, and tourists to where they need to go.

BART is  the number one choice for air travelers taking transit to and from SFO. Roundtrip to downtown takes about 30 minutes - same as a cab. But roundtrip fare on BART is $16.50, versus roundtrip in a cab that costs at least $100..if the traffic isn't backed up.

The San Francisco Travel Association says around 16 million people visit the Bay area every year.
Strangers in a strange land can always get help from people like Connie Rainey.

Rainey, a Station Agent, has worked for BART for 43 years. She and other station agents are here with hands-on directions. BART takes credit and debit cards, and US currency. Station agents will help you navigate the ticket machine.

Mike Chace and his family are from LA and have never used BART. Rainey walks them through it.

"This is the first time - it's a bit confusing, but I find the BART personnel very helpful.They go beyond the call of duty to help a newcomer.I am very happy with the service."

There are three tracks at BART SFO -- all lead to downtown San Francisco. And if you want to go somewhere else, station agents will tell you where to transfer.

A passenger who takes BART saves a gallon of gas to downtown San Francisco. Some 31 million BART SFO passengers have done a lot for the environment by taking transit. 

That's a bonus for getting to your destination quickly, conveniently and cheaply on BART.